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Monday, January 01, 2007

Broken derailleur messes up New Year's Eve

Image of broken SRAM derailleur
Image of broken SRAM derailleurLast night, on New Year's Eve, on my way to a friend's open house, my rear derailleur broke. I've never had a derailleur fail before. (Broken frames, yes. But not broken components.) But all of my previous derailleurs have been Shimano. This SRAM 7.0 derailleur came spec'd as original equipment on my Bianchi Boardwalk.

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Anonymous said...

I've broken a rear derailleur before, though it's been years. The last time I trashed one was on a bike with a pretty wide gear ratio. I replaced the failed Sun Tour component with a Campy "Rally" touring derailleur, if that tips just how long ago it was ...

Yokota Fritz said...

I busted the Shimano Sora rear derailleur on my Trek a couple of months ago -- photo here. The derailleur hanger is what got bent -- probably on Caltrain -- and as I pedaled away from the train station derailler went into the rear tire and got broken all to pieces. The Sora is probably about the same quality as the SRAM you had.

To get to my destination, I rigged my bike for single speed operation, shortening chain (I carry a chaintool with me). I got a couple of miles when the chain skipped to a larger cog, became too tight, and bent my chainring and snapped the crank stack bolts clean off.

Tuco said...

Well, least I'm not alone.. I just busted a rear derailleur AND the damn hanger as well.

what an expensive annoying and stupid crash. geeze louise.

Anonymous said...

I've busted 1 rear deraileur. it broke on flat tarmac on my mountain bike after i went on a pretty hard ride. but i also lost half my seat as well

Anonymous said...

I broke my deraileur and chain at the same time during my commute. Fortunately I wasn't too far from home. So I practically kicked my way back.

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