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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Some commuters dump the car

Associated Press article posted by Asbury Park Press on 12.04.06:

Six years ago, Bruce Wilbur did what most Americans wouldn't dream of: he got rid of his car. And his minivan, too. He started taking the bus to work — not a common sight in Rochester, N.Y. — and loved the switch. More recently, he's been biking to work.
Can you imagine?!? A commuter in America who doesn't drive! How exotic. Sigh.

This wire-service article has been around for a while, seemingly initiated by author Chris Balish's book, How to Live Well Without Owning a Car, which was published earlier this year. But it's interesting to see the story continues to find print. The main topical hook is increasing gas prices, which dipped a bit prior to the election and are now rising again. (I'm not suggesting a conspiracy by the oilmen in the White House, but...)

Full Disclosure: Yes, I'm among the cyclists quoted in Balish's book.

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