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Monday, October 15, 2007

Pedal power is the way to frugal fitness

Image of bicyclist with front rackFrom the The Herald (Glasgow, Scotland), 10.15.07:

Maybe it's because I can take great satisfaction from saving either my bus fare or parking charges for the car. Maybe it's because I'm an eco-warrior, out to save the world with one less car exhaust pipe contributing to climate change. Or maybe it's just because I love scooting past irate drivers when they're stuck at the latest traffic jam and I'm able to glide to the front of the queue, ready to accelerate away from them when the lights change.

Whatever the reason, I'm a born-again cycle commuter. And it's become something of an addiction--maybe it's all those endorphins pumping round my body. Unlike many cyclists, who hang up their fluorescent jackets when it gets cold, I'll be continuing this winter.

The benefits of a daily commute are unquestionable. I work up a healthy sweat twice a day going to and from work, without spending money or precious time. In fact, I get to and from the centre of Glasgow from the south-side suburbs quicker than any car, bus or train could take me--that's a fact. And when I arrive, I'm brighter and more energised than I could possibly have been if I'd been sitting on the bus - and certainly less stressed-out than if I'd been driving. (Read more.)
Inspiring first-person account from the UK, citing European research on how cycling can extend life-spans and improve health. The writer also discusses his preparations for cold, wet winter weather, optimistic that his cycling will continue.

Image: Web capture.
Visit: Paul Dorn's Bike Commuting Tips


Papà Volontario said...

These are the same reasons that "forced" me to use bike to ride in Milan after a train trip. Unfortunatly Milan is all but bike-friendly.

Anonymous said...

It is addicitve! I love my ride in to work now, started just as a way to keep my self in shape, it's become more than that. There's a couple of moments every day in the 30 odd miles I cover when I blank out, the worries of the day to come and the day past fade away, the rhythmic action just totally zones me out. I'm not giving up this winter either, despite my cruddy kit. My company is running a 'cycle to work scheme' so hopefully I can get an upgrade soon and zen out in style!

Smudgemo said...

It isn't like the weather in the SF Bay area is all that tough in winter, but I've decided that I dislike the bus and train enough that it's going to have to be pretty bad out before I use public transportation.

Admin said...

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