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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bike commuting for health, sanity

From the MetroWest Daily News (Massachusetts), 11.26.07:

Gas prices got you down? Try a new spin on the daily commute
Henrietta, N.Y.--While most of us are seated behind the wheel, our foot alternating between the gas pedal and brakes as we contend with traffic on our way to work each morning and evening, Corey Brandes is pushing some different pedals. The physical education teacher at Roth Middle School in Henrietta and Rush resident takes in breath-taking views of the sunset and wildlife from the seat of his bike on the Lehigh Valley Trail.

By road, Brandes’ commute is 12 miles round trip. By trail, it's more like 26. He estimates he has ridden more than 1,000 miles since Sept. 1. Brandes began commuting to work on a bike almost a year ago. "This summer we dropped from two cars to one, so there's no backing out now," he said. "Not that I would ever want to. It's a way for me to get exercise and work at the same time. It kills two birds with one stone."

Cars can be scary, he said. "When you are in your car, you are not as connected to the outside world, so you are kind of going through subconsciously and driving," he said. "I always assume people are driving that way or are distracted. Some people say that it's kind of insane to be out on the road when it's that cold out, but I really like the natural aspect of it. I see things most people don't see in their car." (Read more.)
Inspiring story, featuring comments from Jason Crane of Rochester, NY, creator of the popular commuting site

Visit: Paul Dorn's Bike Commuting Tips


Anonymous said...

I could not agree more! When I'm commuting on bike, I see and hear large flocks of birds, or a beautiful sunrise with unencumbered views. Being out and open in the elements really does change you for the better, unlike the day-to-day sameness of being caged inside an automobile (even though I do miss the killer sound systems occasionally).

Unknown said...

I agree as well, there's nothing like it.

Although I don't agree when he says, "It's definitely not for everyone."

clark said...

yeah, i haven't met anyone yet that couldn't benefit by it and enjoy it, if only they'd just stop trying to talk themselves out of it with a million lame excuses.

Anonymous said...

I've been bike commuting for thre months. Wish I'd done it 15 years ago. It is so time efficient!

I've gotten far more exercise that I have since before I became a parent (40 pounds ago) and it takes virtually no net time! And I can skip boring exercise for the sake of exercise, the stupid elliptical machine, etc.

Anonymous said...

Paul, nice that another adult has the skill and attitude needed to survive cycling in a hostile envirnonment.

As grown and experienced adults, we know how to ride on these roads as our expectations and skills are developed from years of experience. But too often these portrayals leave out the needs of families who must cycle in the same hostile roads with their sons and daughters.

Until our road are designed to be Complete and auto drivers are fully educated on the rights of cyclists, families are too often forced into using cars instead of our bikes. In fact, numerous adults are also kept off their bikes due to this same hostility.