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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Live Free or Drive

Saw this interesting sticker on a bicycle during my morning commute today. The sticker indicated it came from, an organization doing worthy work to fight autodependency. Great sticker.

Of course, another truly great sticker is the increasingly popular ZeroPerGallon decal, as featured on my Bianchi hybrid bicycle. Very timely, and a great way to gently taunt your SUV-driving acquaintances.

Image: Paul Dorn
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Tim Paton said...


As a notorious pedant, zero-per-gallon is a pet hate of mine.

A stationary engine in a power station gets zero miles per gallon. For every gallon it consumes, it moves zero miles. A refinery fire gets zero per gallon. A hummer idling at the traffic lights gets ZPG.

A bicycle uses no fuel, so get infinity miles per gallon. Divide by zero error. That's the opposite of zero per gallon.

Zero per gallon is the limit of poor fuel efficiency, and does not belong on bikes.

This new sticker is much better. It makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Nice site! I commute daily 18 miles RT - been doing it for 6 years and wouldn't have it any other way.

I love getting to work refreshed and energized - and summer and winter I always look forward to my regular ride. Especially leaving work anyway.

Keep up the tips - I'm big on utilizing bikes for storage and transportation - allowing more people to do errands and shopping - in addition to commuting and recreation


Anonymous said...

Tim, I think the idea is more "I spend 0.00 on gas" I could be wrong, but that's why I wear it on my bag. I feel especially dumb on rare days I have to drive to work.

That said, I'm pretty sure I get more hostility from drivers when I put the patch on my bag. I'm thinking about ditching it.

Anonymous said...

The sticker does not have anything to do with fuel economy. It is about fuel prices!

Anonymous said...

Great sticker and message - short and to the point, and very easy to understand, and additionally makes car drivers really think for a minute about what it is they're getting.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Tim. The zero per gallon is at best confusing, at worst its incorrect.

David said...

I have this sticker on my kitty-litter panniers. I see the motto as referring to the freedom of cycling as well as the cost of driving.

murphstahoe said...

I prefer "53 miles per burrito"

knsummers said...

I found a different version