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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pedaling to 10K

On my bicycle ride home this evening, I'll clock 10,000 miles on my cyclocomputer. It will be dark, so I took this picture at lunchtime. I believe at that point, this Cateye model will click back to zero...if I recall correctly. Usually the battery fails, or the odometer gets stolen, or maybe it breaks. Something usually spoils the milestone.

Some folks rack up this mileage in a few months. I accumulate mine in slow 20-mile chunks every day. No grand ambition to my pedaling, not trying to set a "personal best" or "outpace the competition." Just trying to get home. Sun or rain, heat or cold, windy or calm, just traveling between job and residence. Pretty unexceptional.

Hard to say how many 10K mileage increments I've traveled over my time as a bike commuter. Harder still to say how many more miles lay ahead in my future. But today I'll celebrate this modest accomplishment.

And probably get a new cyclocomputer. It's about time.


BobBentBike said...

Don't feel bad. I grind out a mere 2.3 mile commute two or four times a day. Some days, I wish I lived further away just for the bragging rights. But those few mornings when it's -10F I'm happy it isn't any longer

Ezra said...

It's a job well done!

I'm the same way, usually I commute a 12 mile round trip, and then out to friends homes and the like. But, not much else, just the good old commute by bike rain or shine.

Bike Parts said...

Well done! I wish more folks in the Salt Lake City area would commute by bike, especially during bad inversion days.

Labann said...

Commute in 4 seasons in New England, but I've had a stretch of motoring through feet of snow. Eyeing another chance as soon as shoulders begin to reappear.

So, 10K... don't even remember when I got there after 150,000 km, a lot of it bike commuting for decades.

E.R. said...

Great achievement! I will be back on the road here in Quebec within the next couple of weeks and I can't wait!

You can check out my progress at

Philippe G said...

Great job of being constant even with the changing weather. What kind of celebration do you imply to do? Can't wait to go out and do some mileage myself after this.

jalgratas said...
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