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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bike shops roll with fuel prices

Image of bicycle shop
From the Providence Journal, 11.05.08:

Bike shops roll with fuel prices
When the price of gasoline spiked to $4 per gallon last summer, commuters didn’t rush to bike shops in search of more economical transportation, says Reed Caster, owner of Caster’s Bicycle Center in Warwick.

But many commuters did rush to their garages and basements to spruce up bikes that have been collecting dust for the last five years, says P.J. Ramstack, sales and customer service manager at Civia Cycles, a Minnesota manufacturer of bikes designed for commuting and shopping, as well as for fun. He says independent bike shops saw their service departments prosper when gasoline prices were high.

When they did dust off the bikes, the would-be commuters accessorized them with bags, lights and other gadgets at such a frantic pace, suppliers had difficulty keeping up, according to Eric Lightbody of Todson, Inc...

Caster, Ramstack and Lightbody all attended Interbike Outdoor Demo Days East, a cycling trade show that had its debut in Roger Williams Park last month. Organizers of the event expected more than 1,000 retailers, wholesale distributors and other members of the industry from the East Coast to visit 60 manufacturers of bikes and accessories. Interbike, held annually in Las Vegas, is cycling’s largest trade show in the United States. Outdoor Demo Days gives dealers opportunities to actually try the new products. (Read more.)
Interesting article on the activity at bicycle retailers this year, suggesting repair business accounted for much of the traffic heading into the shops. Whether it's sales or service activity, thriving bike shops reveal a healthy trend. A great bike shop is an indispensable partner for successful bicycle commuting.

Image: Web capture.
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Anonymous said...

thank u r information

it very useful

Daren Valentine said...

Now that gas prices have dropped dramatically, have bike shops seen a decrease in customers coming through the door?

It would be extremely short-sighted, but I suspect that that is the trend.

Anonymous said...

We're seeing this here in Germany too (Gas is about $7.00 a gallon here and that's considered cheap)

All good news for cycling.

Anonymous said...

One thing the Feds could do is order a whole bunch of commuter bikes, guranteeing their cost if the customers do not materialize.

At a wholesale cost of $300 apiece, $600 million could buy 2 million bicycles. And assuming the bicycles sell, much of that money could come back.

Not much compared with what the U.S. is going to pay the auto industry, or even a smalll segregated right of way transit improvment.

chococat78 said...

I think what we need to do in the US is institute the bike rental system they have in Paris. That would be a great start ;)