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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Starlet plays bike messenger, badly

Image of Jessica Simpson as a bicycle messenger in the film Blonde AmbitionThis is an image of Jessica Simpson, on location for her new film, Blonde Ambition. Apparently, she plays a young woman climbing the corporate ladder, beginning as a bike messenger. I mean, obviously. What could be a lower career rung than bike messenger, right? You can see more images on her blog. Yes, it's abundant with self-indulgent hype.

Judging by this photo, I have to wonder: What universe allows a messenger to bring a bicycle into an office building? Where are the beefy security officers with the aggressive tackle? Especially in this paranoid post-9/11 era. Or maybe the officers are looking at something else (a little T&A anyone?) and ignore the bike. Perhaps it's explained in the plot; or maybe it's just an unrealistic fantasy universe.

While I'm always hopeful that Hollywood might produce more films featuring bicycling characters--and there by encourage more bicycling--this Blonde Ambition project doesn't look promising. For one thing, they cast Jessica Simpson. And these pics suggest that this could be the silliest and most unrealistic bike messenger feature since the unintentionally hilarious Kevin Bacon vehicle, Quicksilver (1986). It's also a shame that Trek or Specialized wasn't involved with product placement--I have no idea what brand of bike that could be.

Full disclosure: I've never seen a film featuring Jessica Simpson. Perhaps I'm wrong and she's the new Meryl Streep. I suspect not.

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Yokota Fritz said...

HAHAHAHAHAH! I love the 'authentic' look of her outfit! Great find, Paul.

Gordon said...

I know the bike! It's a custom Ti Seven Singlespeed painted argyle. Don't ask how or why let's just say I know someone with the same bike and he is not happy.