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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Avoiding a riot best done on a bicycle

Interesting item in the Christian Science Monitor, 01.10.07:

Tough Streets: The streets in Dhaka, Bangladesh, are virtually empty of traffic at the moment, as protests have embroiled the city, notes correspondent Mahtab Haider (see story). "On Tuesday, there were rallies and protesters clashing with police," he says, adding that "the police were exceptionally brutal."

Mahtab notes that there have been a number of blockades in the past months, and there was violence in October. "But this is a new level, and the political implications now are more far-reaching," he says.

Mahtab has changed his commuting habits in light of the violence, opting for a bicycle instead of his car. The commute doesn't take him any longer, though: "Normally, the streets are clogged with traffic, so it takes me just as long to drive as it does now to bike the route."

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