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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cold-weather cycling in Washington

From the Herald in Everett, WA, 01.20.06:

On winter's dark, wet, sometimes snowy days--when most of us wince at the thought of getting out of bed--Philip Smith of Everett is putting on long underwear, a fleece jacket, a bright yellow waterproof coat and black rain pants.

Next come the bike shoes, socks, a helmet, a Velcro-attached visor, safety glasses, gloves and lights--lots and lots of lights.

"It wasn't so bad once I was geared up for the winter. I'm not after pain," Smith said. "It's just nice to be outside. You miss a lot from a car."

"There's this Thoreau-esque contact with the elements, with the air, with the wind blowing in your face, seeing the birds and wildlife, the 360-degree view," he said. (Read more.)
This favorable article also includes a helpful list of tips for cold-weather winter bicycling, something I'm not very experienced with, living in San Francisco. More suggestions for cold-weather cycling can be found at

Visit: Paul Dorn's Bike Commuting Tips Site


Brad Dykema said...

I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and I commute by bicycle year-round. The weather here can get pretty dicey at times. In winter we get a lot of snow and a lot of rain (and temps can go anywhere from 5 degrees C down to -20). Initially I wasn't sure I'd want to ride through the winter, but I love it. As long as you dress for it, you're good. If anything I had to force myself to dress down, as I found I got too hot when I was bundled up. I'd recommend to anyone that they keep commuting all year.

Jamie said...

I'm in Columbus, Ohio. We're not in the Ohio snow belt and we're far enough away from the Great Lakes that we don't have to worry about lake-effect snow. But we do get some occasionally. We got hit yesterday for the first time this year (and the first time since I started bike-commuting). It made clear to me that I'm going to need some good rain/wind pants and some fenders. But other than that, with polypro underwear, bike tights, a fleece, a t-shirt, and some so-so rain pants and a windbreaker, I was good to go. I love the looks of people as they stare at the "crazy biker."

theOmega said...

I live in Kent Ohio and I bike commute everyday. The streets are clearer than the sidewalks so there's not much of a hassle. just gear appropriately and enjoy the ride. i do.

Anonymous said...

hello all !
just comingo ver from Belgium, i would like to keep on working on my body and would like to commute from Edgewater Md to Landover (east DC). anyone got suggestions for nice and SAFE route ?