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Monday, March 05, 2007

Enlightened opinion from Virginia

From the Roanoke Times, 03.04.07:

Riding around Radford
Every person who chooses to walk or ride to a destination also takes one vehicle off the road. Alone, they don't make much difference. En masse, they ease congestion, reduce air pollution and burn less fossil fuel. They help create a less hectic, cleaner city.

Most important, though, is that bike and pedestrian facilities are community amenities.

Many people do not want to live somewhere they must risk their necks when they pedal on the streets. Whether as a means of relaxation, exercise or transportation, bike lanes and trails are must-have infrastructure for modern cities that hope to compete for young workers. (Read more.)
This is a surprisingly enlightened editorial from a mainstream publication. The writer gets it. Improved bicycling conditions are good things not just for bicyclists, but for the entire community and its economic vitality.

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