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Sunday, March 11, 2007

New bike commuter site

Press Release: Founders of Launch Two New Sites:

Fullerton, CA, March 10, 2007--(PR.COM)--Founders of a very popular mountain biking website have launched two new sites, and

Moises Ramirez and RL Policar have launched these new sites to cater to bicycle commuters and the Spanish speaking bicyclist.

"At the 2006 Interbike we were pleased to see that bicycle manufacturers stepping up their dedication to bicycle commuters by offering more models and options for the consumer to choose from. will be a site that will provide commuters news, product reviews, and articles," Policar stated. (Read more.)
Welcome to the new kids on the block. It's certainly true that the bicycle industry is seeing more opportunity with the commuter market. However, with the exception of a few companies such at Breezer Bikes, the industry continues to prioritize the market for recreational and sport cycling.

Visit: Paul Dorn's Bike Commuting Tips


Yokota Fritz said...

Shimano's Alfine and Coaster groups along with refocuses attention on Nexxus all seem to be signs of move in the industry toward bikes as transportation. Giant, Specialized, and Trek all have commuter bikes. And companies building folding bikes are popping up all over the place.

I'm glad to see a site focused on the Spanish population. I convinced the Denver Regional Council of Governments to promote Bike To Work Day in Spanish, and I'm trying to do the same now with the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition. Most transportational cyclists in California probably speak Spanish and ride on sidewalks with Wal-Mart bikes that many of us snooty "bike advocates" would sneer at. Most of them work toward car ownership, though -- bikes are a symbol of poverty to them -- and I think outreach to this population to change that poverty mindset would be helpful.

Unknown said...

I got the wacky idea of catering to the spanish population because I believe that they are the the majority of bike commuters. The unfortunate part is that they are not educated on the rules of cycling on the streets. My goal is to educate and inform the spanish cycling community, hoping to make cycling safe for all of us.

Paul Dorn said...

Fritz is correct, many bike companies have introduced commuting specific bikes. To the three companies he mentioned, we could also add Novara (REI), Jamis, and KHS. However, with the notable exception of Breezer Bikes, most bike manufacturers still consider themselves part of the recreation--not transportation--industry.