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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Pittsburgh: Becoming a City of Bicycles?

Image of Hot Metal bridge in PittsburghFrom the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 09.09.07:

On the go: Is the City of Bridges becoming a City of Bicycles?
Local officials will cut a ceremonial ribbon on a renovated bridge over the Monongahela River within the next two months, but unless you walk, jog or ride a bicycle, it's not for you.

Soon, when weather is suitable for bicycle travel, cars will be backed up end-to-end on the vehicular Hot Metal bridge at rush hours while office workers, students, physical enthusiasts and recreational riders whiz past on the rails-to-trails Hot Metal bridge.

The new Hot Metal bridge could prove to be the biggest catalyst yet for a largely overlooked, two-wheeled transportation mode that has come out of the closet and is rapidly blossoming in popularity. It will be a traffic-free link not only to and from Downtown but Oakland as well, via Panther Hollow.

Is the old City of Bridges becoming a new City of Bicycles? (Read more.)
This article includes more details of Pittsburgh's initiatives for bicycling, which include bike racks at downtown parking facilities, bikes on transit, and development of bike lanes and trails. Things look encouraging there.

Image: Web capture. Hot Metal bike-ped bridge under construction in Pittsburgh.
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Jym said...

=v= I've biked over the Hot Metal Bridge numerous times, in accordance with Pennsylvania law, even before I was "supposed" to. It's a good route. :-)

Unknown said...

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