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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tulsa: Bike commuters save, rave

Image of bicycle in TulsaFrom the Tulsa Journal Record, 09.18.07:

Bike commuters tout physical, financial perks
Sometimes when he pushing uphill against a harsh winter breeze, David Darcy wonders just what he's doing riding his bicycle to work. But even when the north winds howl or the rain pelts his back and legs, Darcy reminds himself how much money he's saving riding his bike 30 miles to work and back four days a week, how much exercise he’s getting in, how much tension he’s releasing, and how much he just hates traffic.

(Darcy is one) of the many Tulsans who choose to commute by bike on a regular basis. About 40 participate in the Indian Nations Council of Governments Bike 2 Work program (, which seeks to raise awareness of cycling as legitimate transportation.

As it prepares to wrap its second year of tracking bike commuter miles, INCOG bicycle pedestrian planner Patrick Fox said Tulsa workers logged more than 8,500 miles in 2007 despite an especially wet year, up 11 percent from 7,602 last year. Officials estimate this cut carbon monoxide emissions by 870.4 pounds.

Being an accountant at heart, Darcy said biking in results in definite cash savings beyond the $6 a day his ‘97 Ford F-150 pickup burns in fuel making the trip. First there’s parking, which runs $50 a month downtown. "I feel like I've been able to accomplish getting into work for free and my exercise for the morning," he said, without having to pay a monthly health club fee. "And it only takes a half-hour longer. I feel I’m breaking even on time because it used to take me an hour to go out and take a daily run in the morning." (Read more.)
A favorable article from Oklahoma, featuring several interviews with local cyclists and several helpful suggestions for would-be bike commuters.

Image: Web capture.
Visit: Paul Dorn's Bike Commuting Tips

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