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Sunday, February 17, 2008

London announces bicycling enhancement plan

From the Guardian (UK), 02.09.08:

City's two-wheel transformation
London is likely to become one of the most cycle-friendly places in the world, with a series of two-wheeler superhighways cutting a swath through traffic and congestion. Plans for the super-cycleways will be unveiled next week as part of an initiative to stimulate a 400% increase in the number of people pedalling round the capital by 2025.

At a cost of £400m, the 12 routes are intended to be the motorways of cycling and are likely to be emulated by other cities across the UK. Londoners without bikes will be able to use one of the city's free bicycles.

"We want nothing short of a cycling transformation in London," said the mayor, Ken Livingstone. "We are announcing the biggest investment in cycling in London's history, which will mean that thousands more Londoners can cycle in confidence, on routes that take them quickly and safely to where they want to go."

"This is about thinking what kind of city we want London to be and what we want it to look like," said Koy Thomson, from the London Cycling Campaign. "This proposals will transform London, making cycling more visible, and the really interesting thing is that cycling is now associated with a modern cosmopolitan city that is in control and at ease with itself." (Read more.)
I've commented before on London's admirable progress for bicycling. Grass roots activism has obviously played a key role. But visionary and courageous leadership by the chief executive has been a key factor making London a pioneering city in turning back auto-domination. "Red Ken" Livingstone's mayoral election agenda emphasizes cycling with plans for 12 cycling super-highways, a Paris Velib' style bike sharing plan, and bicycle friendly zones in outer neighborhoods. If only American cities had more of such visionary leadership.

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Tip o' the cap to Jack W. Painter of St. Louis for sending this.

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Anonymous said...

Missed this as I was in Taiwan all of Feb. Great news, of course thousands of people will moan about this in London now.. If only they just got out of their cars.

I try to encourage them by waving and smiling at them as I pass the queues of traffic on the way to work...for some reason that doesn't seem to help ;o)