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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sacramento celebrates bicycling

Image of cool bike in Old Sacramento
From the Sacramento Bee, 02.16.08:

Round and round they go: Region's bicyclers
Sacramento ranks high in terms of commutes; other reasons to pedal around abound

The forgiving terrain and climate create the perfect storm for a love affair with the bike in the Sacramento region. No better backdrop for the Amgen Tour of California, a 600-mile race that passes through Sacramento on Tuesday. "This is a great cycling region," said John McCasey, executive director of the Sacramento Sports Commission. "They clearly recognize that."

According to one survey, Sacramento ranked sixth nationally in cyclers who commute to work. Accounting for all the people who just get out and ride is not as easy, but the numbers are believed to be equally impressive.

Advocates who push for amenities such as bike lanes and racks make a difference, and so do cities and counties that hire people primarily to be responsible for bike issues, said Walt Seifert, executive director of the Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates.

Any day on a bike reveals who is riding. They bike to work. They go for 40-mile workouts on a day off. They ride through midtown and downtown, lashing their Schwinns to racks in front of the library, the post office, the drugstore. They ride thousands of miles a year on any one in a collection of high-end bikes. Or, they ride deep into the night, laden with all their worldly belongings. (Read more.)
Prompted by the arrival this week of the Tour of California, Sacramento is abuzz about cycling. This extensive article examines all modes of bicycling in the Big Tomato, including recreational, competitive, and commuting.

Image: Web capture.
Visit: Paul Dorn's Bike Commuting Tips Site

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