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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Drivers turning to alternatives

Image of bicyclists on a bridge
From KHQA-TV (Quincy, IL), 04.08.08:

Drivers turning to alternatives
Larry Patterson's feeling the pinch at the pump...but that's driven him to do something a little different with his transportation these days. What have you done differently?

Patterson said, "A couple of things I've done differently, I started walking, the weather is nicer so I've started walking places close to me but if there's a distance then I try to get a bus pass."

But on this particular day...Patterson was actually fueling up for a specific purpose. Patterson said, "I have considered getting a bike. I'm actually on my way now to look at prices for a bike."

As it turns out that's becoming a popular thing to do these days. Greg Davis is a partner at Madison and Davis Bicycle shop in Quincy. Have you seen an influx in customers since gas prices started going up?

Davis said, "Actually last year we saw it quite a bit. We're seeing a couple of things, people are coming in and looking for what a new bicycle would cost to supplement their transportation and we're seeing a lot of people pulling out bikes that haven't been ridden a long time to get refurbished." (Read more.)
Interesting video report on the growing appeal of bicycling. This "high gas prices moving people from four wheels to two" is increasingly popular as a news hook these days. Those of us who have been riding for years have always known bicycling is fun, healthy, effective. That message hardly got through. Now bicycling as affordable transportation is gaining traction.

Image: Web capture.
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