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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Pedaling bikes on Cape Cod

Idle Times inventory manager Donald Watson holds one of the new bike designs that emphasize comfort and style.
From The Cape Codder(Brewster, MA), 04.03.08:

Pedal power
With a barrel of oil trading above $100 and fears that gasoline could hit $4 a gallon this summer, many Cape Codders are looking for ways to lessen the pinch on their wallets. For some, the solution may be found at your local bicycle shop.

At Orleans Cycle on Main Street, manager Doug Jordan has noticed an increase in the number of people coming into the store who are interested in purchasing a bike for commuting to help cut down on driving and paying for gas.

Jordan, who lives in Dennis, said he also sees more people biking locally to do their shopping. With the start of spring, Jordan said he hopes to increase the number of days a week he rides the 13 miles on the Cape Cod Rail Trail from Dennis to work in Orleans. "The Route 134 trailhead is my commuter parking lot," said Jordan. (Read more.)
Another article demonstrating the breadth of the high-gas-prices-drive-bicycling theme. This theme recently inspired a new State Farm Insurance commerical, which has provoked much discussion on bike listserves and was intelligently deconstructed by StreetsBlog.

Image: The Cape Codder.
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Dave Riley said...

Cycling Commuting (source)

Cycling to work has been increasing considerable in Australia. According to the 2006 census cycling to work has increased by 20% Australia wide, with Melbourne topping the list with an increase of 42.5% since 2001.
More than 90,000 people cycled to work on the 2006 Census Day, which is in the middle of winter. Cycling counts on popular cycling routes over the last year indicate that the growth in commuting by bicycle is continuing and an increasing number of companies now actively encourage their staff to ride to work by providing incentives.
Click here for a Commuting by Bicycle fact sheet(pdf)