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Friday, March 16, 2007

Sacramento: Complete river bike trails

Image of bicyclists on the American River trail near Sacramento, CaliforniaAn op-ed from the Sacramento Bee, 03.16.07:

Time to complete river bike trails
By Tom Higgins

In the 10 years since the city adopted its parkway plan to provide a continuous trail on the Sacramento River levees, several short stretches have been completed to improve public access...

Opening the stretch (of Sacramento River shoreline) through the Pocket area would finally make it possible for families to ride bicycles from anywhere on the city's west side to Old Sacramento and River Cats games, even all the way to Folsom by connecting to the American River Parkway. It is also a key gateway to the newly adopted California Delta Trail.

The huge public turnout and show of support for the recent Amgen Tour of California bicycle race confirmed that this is indeed a bicycle town. Last year, the city earned a bronze medal from the League of American Bicyclists for its efforts to promote bicycle riding and commuting. Together, we can--and should--go for the gold.

This trail could become a heavily used commute route and a significant, enjoyable recreation path. Think of the benefits: energy conservation, air quality improvements and a reduction in traffic congestion. The public is ready to take action on the environmental issues of the day, but they need the leaders to provide practical tools for making progress.

Outdoor enthusiasts crowd the 23-mile American River Parkway and its celebrated trail every day with bikers, skaters and strollers. They want to have fun outdoors, but they're also using that path for basic physical fitness, in turn combating another pressing contemporary problem -- the obesity epidemic. (Read more.)
Tom Higgins was the founding president of the California Bicycle Coalition, which I had the privilege to lead--or tried to lead--as executive director for a short year. Higgins continues to be a cycling enthusiast and advocate, working as a legislative aide to pro-bicycling California State Senator Tom Torlakson.

Recreational bike trails, such as the Sacramento River trail proposed by this persuasive op-ed, often become important commute corridors for biyclists. We enthusiastically support this proposal.

Image: Web capture.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind inclusion of my op-ed piece from the Sacramento Bee. I would like to clarify that I left the Legislature at the end of 2005, after 20 years. Thanks, Tom Higgins