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Monday, April 16, 2007

Alaska bike commuter survey shows surprises

Image of snow-covered bikes in Alaska
From the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner (Alaska), 04.15.07:

Bike commuters’ stereotype as useful as a flat tire

A stereotypical view of a bike commuter might be a twenty-something, idealistic, bearded college student riding from his Goldstream log cabin to the UAF campus, shunning lights or reflectors on his bike. Well, like all other stereotypes, this one is about as useful as a flat tire. Nobody really fits the image.

For starters, bike commuting isn’t just for college students who can’t afford a car or the gas to go in it. Less than 15 percent of respondents listed being a student as their occupation. The rest were cycling to work. Those jobs were normal jobs — laborers, healthcare workers, teachers, professional, and so on. (Read more.)
This survey was conducted by the Fairbanks Cycle Club, and had a small sample size. Not representative, but revealing. Bike commuters, even in chilly Alaska, are pretty mainstream folks.

Image: Web capture. Bikes in Alaska
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