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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pedal pushers making headway

Image of Bikes Belong billboard
From the Seattle Times, 04.16.07:

Are we ready to go bicycling? Could these times of climate change, gas-price inflation and bulging waistlines be prepping us for new waves of weekend biking adventures? Maybe even to leave cars parked and cycle to work daily?

Revived bicycling is easier to proclaim than achieve in an America that has experienced a half century-plus of freeway construction and the multibillions in advertising dollars the auto industry continuously pours into auto glorification.

But the new bike campaign isn't against cars per se. It just asks autos and trucks to yield a share of the road to a transportation means that occupies a fraction as much pavement, doesn't pollute, combats obesity, builds overall physical fitness, and can help congestion by taking a share of autos off the highways. (Read more.)
This is an optimistic commentary by syndicated columnist Neal Peirce, prompted by the 2007 National Bike Summit organized by the League of American Bicyclists.

Image: Web capture.
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