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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Get comfortable on a new bike

Image of Breezer bicycleFrom the Daily Pilot(Newport Beach/Costa Mesa, Orange County), 04.05.07:

Gas costs a fortune, summer's almost here and it's time to slip into a bathing suit again. So now's a good opportunity to get that bike out of the garage to save money on gas and get ready for the beach at the same time.

But keep in mind that if it has been awhile since you rode your bike, then it's a good idea to have it checked out at your local bike shop. So what else do you need to know about biking?

The most important aspect of bicycling is comfort, Newport Beach's Chicago Bike shop owner Tony Parry said. "The first thing is to get comfortable." he said. (Read more.)
This is a helpful article for prospective bike shoppers. One of the most frequent inquiries I receive from visitors to my bike commuting tips pages is "What bike should I get." This question was so frequent that I created a new page with bike shopping advice, where I say: "The most important factor to consider when buying a bike isn't price, but comfort."

Bicycles come in a great range of sizes, features, functions, colors, and price-ranges. Nearly any bike will work for commuting, depending on the rider's skills, conditions, distance traveled, and needs. But comfort is always the most critical factor. Bike commuting should be fun, right?

I also advise people to visit a quality local bike retailer, consult with the shop staff, and take several bikes for test rides. Bike functionality is essentially along a scale between comfort and efficiency. Fat tired cruisers are very comfortable, but less efficient. Track bikes are highly efficient, but less comfortable.

Many people have been inspired to take up bicycling by the exploits of famed cyclists such as Lance Armstrong. They go to bike shops requesting a bike just like Lance's. The seven-time Tour de France champion's bikes were truly superb machines. However, remember Lance received daily massage, didn't carry a briefcase while riding, and had his supplies delivered to him from the team car.

To enjoy bike commuting, you don't need a fancy bicycle, just a comfortable one.

Image: Breezer Uptown commuting bike, made by Breezer Bikes
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