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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Idaho: Bike commuting adds joy, energy

Image of bicyclist near water fountain in downtown BoiseFrom the Idaho Statesman, 07.26.07:

Bicycle commute can add joy, energy and satisfaction to your day

I decided to start riding my bicycle to work two months ago. The decision came after paying almost $50 to fill my car's modest gas tank when prices soared. It was a choice that I had been toying with after hearing Al Gore speak about global warming. What can one person do? Well, I can take one car off the road. So, add a cruiser bicycle to my repertoire and life has changed. And what a ride it has been and continues to be.

The path I travel now surprises me every day. I didn't know how much seeing butterflies, or watching a heron dive into a pond on the way to work would shift my reality. I know, some of you long-time cycle-ites are rolling your eyes, but I had no idea that trading four wheels in for two every day would be so significant.

And I'm not alone. In the past year, the number of bicycles in Downtown Boise has increased so much that the city is looking for more bicycle parking. Area bicycle shops are seeing urban-style cruisers become a bigger part of their business. At George's Cycles & Fitness, staff members have seen urban bikes go from about one-tenth of their business to close to 20 percent of all the bicycles they sell. And as gas prices stay at $3 a gallon and up, expect more cycle commuters to roll along streets and sidewalks. (Read more.)
Reporter takes up bicycling...and converts. Becomes an enthusiastic proponent for bike commuting. This is a very favorable and encouraging article from Boise.

Image: Web capture. Bicyclist near fountain in downtown Boise.
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