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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Massachusetts: bike commuting's myriad benefits

Image of bike commuter in MassachusettsFrom the Marlborough Enterprise (Masschusetts), 07.05.07:

Rising gas prices, concern for the environment and physical fitness were on the minds of bikers who braved the heat and participated in a bike to work day on June 27 in Marlborough.

For Marlborough resident John Grenier, 40, reducing air pollution and physical fitness were good reasons to participate, but he said he mainly did it out of "guilt." Grenier, who spent last summer working in the Netherlands routinely rode his bike to work as many other Dutch adults do.

"Bicycling is considered a form of everyday transportation there (the Netherlands) and bike paths permeate the landscape, making it very convenient to ride to work," said Grenier. "There really is no excuse for me not to ride my bike to work on pleasant days."

"One activity--bike commuting--can achieve myriad results," said (Susan) Tordella, (director of the MetroWest/495 Transportation Management Association). "When someone bikes to work, she or he combats air pollution, ozone depletion, road congestion, obesity, high blood pressure and stress. The simple act of getting on two wheels and self-propelling to work allows an individual to impact the greater good as well as their personal health." (Read more.)
This generally favorable article on bicycle commuting reads like a press release from a TMA. But at least they used "myriad" correctly.

Image: Bear Cieri/Marlborough Enterprise. John Grenier, Sr., locks up after riding his bike to work at Rohm & Haas in Marlborough.
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Yokota Fritz said...

"myriad" means "lots" to me. How do people use it incorrectly?

Paul Dorn said...

Hey Fritz:

I'm one of those old-school English majors trained to use "myriad" as an adjective ("myriad uses") rather than a noun ("a myriad of uses").

However, tells me that either use is now acceptable. The English language grows or degrades, depends on how you view it. Sigh.