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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Long Beach: bike trail network advances

Image of beach bike path in Long Beach, CaliforniaFrom (Long Beach, CA), 07.26.07:

New City Web Of Bike Trails Moves Ahead
Plans for new bicycle trails that would connect paths from the San Gabriel River to the Los Angeles River will soon enter the design phase. The Long Beach City Council approved unanimously on Tuesday a proposal to begin the "East-West Bikeway Connections and Signage Program" project, which would create new trail connections and new signs identifying them. Traffic and Transportation Manager Abdollah Ansari said that bicyclists will find "comprehensive coverage throughout the city" once the project is in place.

"It will provide local and regional circulation," he said. "For a beach city, it’s good to have a continuous bike path system. People will be able to get to other areas by taking these river paths. Right now, these are just scattered connections. This will provide alternative movements for recreational and commuting purposes. (Read more.)
Good news for bike commuters in Long Beach, home of the country's first Bikestation.

Image: Web capture.
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