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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Morning bike commute in London

Image of Critical Mass in London
From Marketplace (American Public Media), 01.15.08:

But what about the perception (that bicycling is) dangerous? Well, (Transport for London's bicycling and pedestrian director Peter) McBride says it's actually pretty safe.

McBride: It's a bit like swimming: You can stand at the side of the pool and think, "I don't fancy that." But when you're in, it's very different. And it's actually not as bad as you think. (Read more.)
A U.K.-based radio reporter considers bicycling despite his fears, prompted by the relatively high cost of transit in expensive London. He appears to be persuaded that the risk is actually less than he believes, reporting that bicycling has increased by 83 percent since 2000 in London. Credit is rightly given to deliberate efforts by city planners to discourage motoring and encourage bicyclists. No doubt pushed by advocacy, including Critical Mass.

Image: Web capture. Critical Mass in London.
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1 comment:

Yangmusa said...

I'm aware of London having Critical Mass, but I don't know what effect it may have had on local government.

It seems to be more of a case that encouraging cycling is the right thing to do - for congestion, for people's health, for the environment. It may be easier to take sensible decisions like this when government is also paying for health care and sees savings when people are healthier. Sadly this isn't the case in the US :-(