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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Transit agency to offer electronic bike lockers

Image of bike lockers at Sunnyvale Caltrain station
From the Fremont Argus (CA), 01.24.08:

Some East Bay BART stations to ease commute for bike riders
BART is going to introduce electronic lockers for bicycles at its stations in a new strategy aimed at enticing more people to pedal rather than drive to train stations. By late July, contractors will install nearly 200 of the lockers at six East Bay stations in BART's first big investment in the new technology.

The metal lockers can be rented by the hour with the swipe of a pre-paid charge card, easing the shortage of secure bike storage places that has been a barrier to more people using bikes to reach BART.

"There is a huge potential for more people to ride to BART if they knew they had a secure place to store their bike," said Tom Radulovich, a BART board member from San Francisco. "The big question is: Will we have enough of the electronic lockers to respond to the demand?"

Transit officials say increasing bike use can help BART sustain its steady ridership growth without steering more cars into congested streets and often full parking lots around stations. (Read more.)
Technology continues to enhance the appeal of bike commuting. In addition to the success of swipe-card operated Velib' and Biketree, electronic card technology can increase access to secure bike parking at transit stations. Bikes left at outdoor racks are vulnerable to weather and theft. Key operated bike lockers are an improvement, but provide safe storage for only one individual--the key holder. As this article suggests, electronically operated bike lockers may be used by numerous bicyclists during a day.

Image: Web capture. Key operated bike lockers at Sunnyvale Caltrain station.
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