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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Realizing bicycling potential

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From the Martinsville Bulletin (Virginia), 01.10.08:

Expert: Area has potential to be bicycle friendly
Across the country, cities and towns that have created bicycle-friendly communities often have had significant returns in the areas of economic development, health and quality of life, among others, a national expert said Wednesday.

And Andy Clarke, executive director of the League of American Bicyclists, indicated he thinks Martinsville-Henry County has potential to do the same.

Clarke made a presentation at an event hosted by Activate Martinsville-Henry County (AMHC), whose mission is "to improve the health, quality of life and economic vitality of Martinsville/Henry County by encouraging and enabling residents and visitors alike to enjoy a more active lifestyle by developing a walking/bicycling-friendly community." According to AMHC, these changes will enhance the area's "attractiveness as a business location and as a destination for environmentally sustainable tourism and development."

There are three legs of AMHC's goals: to become, and be designated, as a bicycle-friendly community; to take part in the Safe Routes to School program, which encourages more students to ride bicycles or walk to school; and to take part in the Complete Streets Coalition, which aims to make streets user-friendly for everyone — motor vehicles, bicyclists, pedestrians, the handicapped, and buses and their passengers. (Read more.)
An extensive article detailing the points made by Andy Clarke in his presentation, on the community benefits of encouraging bicycling: business activity, tourism, health, traffic reduction.

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