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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bellingham: Bike-commuting librarian

Image of bike commuter Helen Scholtz
From the Bellingham Herald (WA), 03.21.08:

Cyclist enjoys the ride to work
Bellingham librarian reconnects with joys of bike commuting

Helen Scholtz doesn’t have far to go if she has questions about commuting by bicycle. In fact, the answers are as close as her family circle. The 60-year-old Bellingham resident talks about her family's influences, her commute and how it feels to be back in the saddle again.

When she began bike commuting: Scholtz started 15 years ago but eventually stopped. She started again about a year ago because she wanted to get some exercise and help the planet. "It's a small step in reducing our dependence on oil," she says...Scholtz also says she feels more connected to the outside world while on her bike.

"I’m smelling things, I'm hearing things I wouldn't in a car." (Read more.)
Interesting profile of a bike commuter in Washington, describing the importance of a sweet ride and a supportive family, workplace, and bicycling community.

Image: Bellingham Herald. Bike commuter Helen Scholtz.
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