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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bust out the bike

A bike rider pedals along the Spring Creek Trail just near Fort Collins, CO
From The Coloradoan, (Fort Collins, CO), 03.30.08:

With gas prices on the rise and the weather warming, here are some things to consider when choosing a new ride
How is that $3.17 a gallon gas treating you?

There is an alternative, you know.

I became a fair weather bike commuter when gas first hit $3 a gallon, and I love my ride to work. Of course, it helps that my 25-minute commute from the southwest side of town to the Coloradoan on the northeast side of town is virtually all on the bike trail.

With the weather warming, it's time to get a bike or get out your bike. Whether looking for a bike to commute or to recreate or both, here's a quick primer to help you turn from gas power to pedal power. (Read more.)
Very basic "how to" article from Ft. Collins, Colorado, with suggestions on bike models, sizing, materials, accessories, and bicycling etiquette.

Image: The Coloradoan.
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