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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Boston: New column on bicycling

From the Boston Globe, 03.23.08:

World-class bike cities? Why not Boston?
Portland, Ore. Davis, Calif. Boulder, Colo. San Francisco. Amsterdam. Copenhagen. Berlin. Barcelona. All are top-rated, world-class biking cities.

Boston? Not yet. Three times Boston was named to Bicycling magazine's list of the worst US cities for bicyclists, most recently in 2006.

Local roads may have given bicyclists the cold shoulder, but many advocates have hope for a friendlier future.

Welcome to Shifting Gears, a regular column that will follow Greater Boston's path toward this goal. We'll keep our eye on policy and progress, and also take some detours along the way to explore the daily joys and hassles of pedaling around this city.

Why should you care? Because biking not only helps ease traffic congestion, but also is part of the solution when it comes to parking, obesity, climate change, and social interaction. It's a player in making Boston--and surrounding communities--more livable. (Read more.)
It's amazing how a big city mayor can set the agenda for bicycling. San Francisco's mayor has offered mere lip service for bicycling, which has resulted in a lawsuit delay of future bike enhancement. When Boston mayor Thomas Menino embraced bicycling last year, suddenly the city began looking with more interest at bike transportation. Latest evidence: The city's leading daily newspaper has now introduced a new bicycling column.

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Anonymous said...

They should have hired you for that job, Paolo. You could have tele-commuted.

Anonymous said...

I go up to Boston every year for the annual collegiate bike race, the Boston Beanpot, and I have to say it is always on of the best races of the year. The roads are awesome for biking when they don't have any cars on them. I hope they can make them equally as awesome with the cars.

PEANUT said...

Although there is NO bicycle column in San Francisco yet, there is one in Marin County - just north of the city. The column is in existence for over five years (i'm the columnist.) I think it's a pity that san francisco isn't better about accomodating their roads for cyclists but i can tell you firsthand that Marin County is simply incredible in making things happen for bicycle commuters. There are still a few spots that need work but overall i'm amazed by the progress MCBC has done.