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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bike beats car and transit

From the New York Times, 05.29.08:

Some Reasons the Bike Always Wins
A bicyclist, a driver and a subway rider walked into a bar.

No, actually they didn’t. The three actually raced from Fort Greene to Union Square during today’s morning commute to see who got there fastest in Seventh Annual Great NYC Commuter Race, held by Transportation Alternatives (essentially an anti-car lobbying group). Think of it as a more modest version of a planes, trains and automobiles race from New York to Washington.

The race started at 7:40 a.m. at Connecticut Muffin, 423 Myrtle Avenue, at Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, and finished at the corner of 14th Street and Union Square East.

The results: bicyclist wins at 16.5 minutes; the driver gets in at 22 minutes; and the subway rider transit was last with 29 minutes. That’s an intriguing result. (Read more.)
The writer suggests this annual Bike to Work Day challenge event is a "fix"--note the "anti-car" tag--observing that a commute from more distant neighborhoods would offer greater advantage to driving or more likely transit. There may be some truth in that. However, bike-friendly transit systems can offer multimodal opportunities that greatly extend the bicycling advantage door-to-door.

Several cities in the U.S. have presented similar bike/car/transit challenge events, including Philadelphia; Salinas, California; and Portland, Oregon. And San Francisco had the event in past years, but the bike's domination basically has made it a moot point. The bicyclists generally prevail in these challenges.

What about your community? Have you had a similar challenge event? Think bicycling might be the clear favorite?

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SiouxGeonz said...

There isn't that much traffic here so it isn't a moot point ... the car is a tad faster. However, since there isn't much traffic, it's lots more fun on the bike.
Actually, since I don't have a car... it is a moot point. It is faster than public transport *usually* if I'm goin' fast.

Anonymous said...

Its a good blog and nice article
and now,people must start to think about natural vehicles

bams said...

Bike is a good vehicle today, it is cheap, natural and also healthy.
people now should consider to switch their car with bike to go to office or school..

why not?
it's fun, you know