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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Reno: Getting started with bicycle commuting

Maryland bike commuter
From the Reno Gazette-Journal, 05.09.08:

Bike commuting 101: getting started
Dan Brown, who has owned Bicycle Bananas in northwest Reno for 15 years, has been a bike aficionado since he was 11 years old. He is known among local cycling clubs for handing out good advice.

Q: If you want to start riding a bike to work and haven't ridden for years, where do you start?

A: As you drive to work, think about how far it is and take some alternative routes in your vehicle. Find streets that are quieter or less traveled. Make your first attempt to ride to work on a day off. Take your time and explore. See how far it is, where the potholes are and the bad traffic points. Get a map and look at the routes...

Q: What can you expect to spend?

A: A new bike in a bike shop goes for $250 to $300 and up. At any bike shop, the real value is we do free tune-ups for a year. A tune-up at the end of the year would take you through the second year. At any bike shop, you can get help with tires, bikes and test ride them to find out what's best for you...

Q: How much can people expect to save?

A: For your health, it's incalculable. Buy a $300 bicycle and it might save you $100,000 in medical bills down the road. Or try a little walking.

Q: Do you have to wear spandex?

A: Absolutely not. (Read more.)
With Bike to Work Day approaching in many communities, articles on bike commuting are proliferating in many local publications. This interview is a great quick introduction to prospective bike commuters.

It's part of a series of articles in the Reno Gazette-Journal looking at green transportation options in the face of high summer gas prices. One article, High gas prices translate to increased bike sales, features this great quote: "I’m just as full of excuses like everybody else. I gave up smoking because I hated to buy cigarettes. Now I’m beginning to feel the same way about gasoline. I’m more addicted to gasoline than I was to cigarettes.”

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rambn said...

I've recently been commuting on my Ti cyclocross bike. Since it has no braze-ons for panniers, I've been using a messenger bag. I love it. One word of advice: don't buy watermelons. really.

Anonymous said...

"Dan Brown, who has owned Bicycle Bananas in northwest Reno for 15 years,... He is known among local cycling clubs for handing out good advice." Did you mean to write, "known for being a douche"?

Anonymous said...

Hi. Thanks so much for promoting biking to work! I need to start again myself; we have nice bike paths and showers. It's just a matter of pushing myself to do it.

I wanted to let you know that in our blog (I work for the Environmental Protection Agency), we're inviting everyone to share your thoughts on why you do or don't ride to work. It's part of our promotion of bike to work week.

Jeffrey Levy

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that I have reached "people"/Anonymous who are immature, irresponsible and childish with my advocacy for helmet use and responsible riding. See my bio on Thanks!