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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Vallejo: Medical professionals endorse bicycling

Al Zampa Memorial Bridge bike path
From the Vallejo Times-Herald (CA), 05.23.08:

Vallejo doctor sets example by taking two wheels to work
(Podiatrist) Gray Williams may be slightly ahead of the curve. As gas prices and environmental concerns rise, more people will likely consider bike-commuting, but the 43-year-old married father of six has already been doing it regularly for five years. He said he's done it exclusively for more than a year, rain or shine.

"It keeps me in shape," Williams said. "It keeps me from having to buy a new car...and it's better for the environment." It also helps relieve stress, he said. The Vallejo resident said he knows of about a half-dozen colleagues who also bike-commute, some from as far away as Benicia and Napa.

"I ride my bike to work two or three times a week," said Napa resident and Kaiser Vallejo surgeon Jay Isaacson, 38. "I like to ride bikes, it keeps me in shape, and now, with the price of gas, it's an easy choice."

Williams said he doesn't know if bike-commuting is a growing phenomenon, but said that if it isn't, it should be...Vallejo is as well-suited for bike-commuting as any city, and becoming more so all the time..."The weather is great, it doesn't rain much or get too hot too often. And there's a bike lane from Admiral Callaghan Lane and Columbus Parkway, along the freeway to Hiddenbrooke Parkway," he said. (Read more.)
In Northern California bicycling circles, Vallejo is a notable Bay Area city. It's the northern side of the recently completed Al Zampa Memorial Bridge, which crosses the Carquinez Strait. For years there was no bicycling or pedestrian access across this waterway, until the bike/ped path opened on the new span. This two-third of a mile gap was one of the last remaining on the San Francisco Bay Trail which circles the entire Bay Area.

Image: Web capture. Al Zampa Memorial Bridge bike path, Vallejo, California.
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