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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Petition: Ask Google to add bike routes

Bike route signage on Market Street in San Francisco

Help us show the Google Maps team that we really really want the ability to get bicycle route information via the main Google Maps interface. We can get driving directions for cars, we get can wonderful mass transit information, and now we want the ultimate in sustainability and self-reliance and exercise and healthy living--bicycle route information.
This is a worthy cause: Persuading the leading search engine to embrace bicycling. Sign the petition, spread the word. also features a helpful page with links to existing online cycling maps. Not to endorse monopoly, but one comprehensive multimodal mobility mapping site would be a very useful thing. Bike routes are more helpful if we can find them.

Image: Paul Dorn. Signs on Market Street in San Francisco.
Visit: Paul Dorn's Bike Commuting Tips Site
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Anonymous said...

I signed the petition... it would be an excellent addition to Google maps, and I'm quite optimistic that they will implement this feature. Thanks for spreading the word!

Yokota Fritz said...

Word is that Google has been working on this for some time. Watch for an announcement this summer from Google and participating cities.

Eddie W said...

Paul -

I use It uses the google maps interface, and shows route altitude as well.

Bicycle Commuter Challenge said...

Love your blog! I am a new visitor.
This is very cool. I as well signed this. Routing is one of the most important things for new bike commuters to understand. So many out there think there is no way they can commute by bike because they do not want to drive on a four lane road or highway. Providing them with the resource to find alternate routes is a great idea. If what you say is true Fritz, that is great news!