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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Denver: Ride a bike back to health

From the Denver Post, 06.22.07:

Fed up with traffic jams? Feeling tired and stressed? Maybe it's time to put your foot down--literally. June is Bike Month in Colorado, a celebration of sanity and fitness that culminates in Bike to Work Day on Wednesday. It's a great opportunity to put your mettle to the pedal and begin the journey back to a healthier, happier you.

As one doctor noted, the mental and physical benefits of exercise are so powerful and wide-ranging that if they weren't God-given, they'd have to be regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

The simple fact is that the human body, honed through thousands of years of evolution, is not designed for the way most Americans live today. Driving to work, sitting at a computer all day and then driving home to sit in front of a television is an invitation to obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and a host of other ailments. (Read more.)
This editorial makes a persuasive argument for bicycling on the health basis. The U.S. Census recently identified Denver as among the top ten large cities for bicycle commuting mode share. I'm puzzled: Most of the U.S. marks Bike Month in May. Why is Colorado's celebration in June?

Image: Web capture. Stencil at Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop, Denver.
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Anonymous said...

Why is Colorado's celebration in June?

June 27: Denver is celebrating bike to work day in June (too much snow in May!). To find out more, contact James Mackay by email. Hmm, why is Alaska in May??

Anonymous said...

The rationale I've heard for Colorado having Bike Month in June is that the weather is more conducive to cycling. We have had freak snowstorms in May, but it's not exactly a month with poor fact I quite prefer the May weather to the 90+ degree temps we're experiencing now.
Not that I mind...I just celebrated both the national Bike Month and the Colorado bike month. Works for me!

Yokota Fritz said...

Weather along the Front Range is generally good for cycling in May, but the high country still gets socked in with some pretty good snow storms in May.

Arapahoe Basin Ski Area west of Denver closed on June 3 this year. There have been years when they've been able to stay open into July.

Anonymous said...

I've heard weather, too, but it's more likely the innate contrariness of Denver's bike planner.

Anonymous said...

Only the june month is better for celebrations in Colorado.The temperature in june is so less because of that we can go out side with our family to enjoy the celbration time.Even in May it good but at the end of the month.

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