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Monday, June 04, 2007

Ohio: A good bike town that could be great

From the Yellow Springs News (Ohio), 05.31.07:

Pedaling north of Yellow Springs on East Enon Road, a touring bicyclist might hear the cardinals call, smell the newly blooming honeysuckle or see the wind brushing the tips of new corn stalks growing in the fields. Heading downtown for milk and bread, a freighter cyclist can save on gas, get some exercise and wave to friends along the way. Speeding west out of town to get to work on time, a commuting cyclist may handle the stress of a long work week while doing all of the above and smiling at the thought of what all the drivers passing by are missing.

According to several avid cyclists in Yellow Springs, bicycles are excellent for all these practical and recreational reasons. And, especially as fuel prices rise, Yellow Springs residents are in a good position to take up this alternative mode of transportation.

"Bikeability is improving (in Yellow Springs), but if we were a true bicycling community, we'd be riding to the meeting, to the grocery story, to the library, and we would have the on-street bike parking we’ve talked about," (Yellow Springs Bicycle Enhancement Committee President Tim) Tobey said. "If we made Yellow Springs more bikable, you'd see more tourists out on their bikes, which I hope would be good for the downtown. And I’d rather see the town packed with bikes rather than cars." (Read more.)
This is a very favorable overview of bicycling in Yellow Springs, home of Antioch College, 20 miles from Dayton, and near Wright-Patterson AFB.

Image: Web capture. Shop of famous bicycle mechanics Wilber and Orville Wright in nearby Dayton, Ohio.
Visit: Paul Dorn's Bike Commuting Tips Site
Thanks to Bike Commute Tips Blog reader Dan Carrigan for the tip.

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