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Thursday, June 07, 2007

More bicyclists in New York City

Image of bicyclists in New York CityFrom WCBS-TV, New York, 06.07.07:

With the price of gas steadily rising and city streets so congested, some New Yorkers are choosing a more active, though more dangerous form of transportation: bicycling.

Though he has been hit twice while bicycling from his Brooklyn home to his midtown practice, Dr. Steven Weiss still chooses not to take a taxi, finding that the monetary and environmental benefits outweigh the risk of getting hurt. "I save, if I took a taxi, six thousands bucks," he said. "It clears my head going back and forth from work. No greenhouse emission."

Dr. Weiss is one of 120,000 New Yorkers that bike to work daily. (Read more. Includes video.)
This report interviews a pair of people on the street, who express reluctance to try bicycling because of traffic danger. This is perhaps the most common reason non-bicyclists cite. New York City plans to add 200 miles of bike lanes in next two years, according to this WCBS report.

I wonder how many bike commuting converts are switching modes from transit (as I did) rather than from driving. The doctor interviewed here apparently relied on cabs prior to taking up bicycling.

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Unknown said...

NYC is a great place to ride, whether for utilitarian purposes or just for fun.

check out for a map of New York City's bike paths & bike lanes. Be sure to note the number of car-free paths on the waterfront.

Anonymous said...

NYC is much safer place to ride than Boston.