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Monday, June 04, 2007

San Francisco bike mural

Image of Duboce Street bike muralOne of the most significant accomplishment of San Francisco's bike movement in the 1990s was the conversion of one block of Duboce Street into a bikeway. The bikeway is San Francisco's first street converted from auto use to bicycle traffic only.

The Duboce Bikeway is an important bicycling connector--part of The Wiggle--between San Francisco's central and western residential neighborhoods, and downtown and North Mission districts.

One notable enhancement of the corridor was this Duboce Bikeway Mural by San Francisco artist Mona Caron, created with the help of dozens of cycling volunteers. The mural celebrates the city's bicycling culture, and its creation marked a highpoint of San Francisco's evolution into a more bicycling-friendly community. The mural is seen daily by more than 30,000 transit riders, as well as thousands of bicyclists and pedestrians.

As I've suggested previously on this blog, bicyclists are fighting not only for space on the streets, but also for space in the automobile-dominated cultural life of the U.S. This bikeway and mural is a wonderful achievement on both fronts.

Image: Paul Dorn
Visit: Contribute to Duboce Bikeway Mural maintenance fund
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