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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pharma corp encourages bike commuting

From the Journal News (White Plains, NY), 06.27.07:

PEARL RIVER — It took Thierry Bonnaire more than two hours to commute to work yesterday, and he wasn't even stuck in traffic.

Bonnaire rode his bicycle 35 miles from his home in Lower Manhattan to Wyeth in Pearl River as part of the company's first Bike or Walk to Work Day.

The research scientist was joined yesterday by 51 colleagues--34 bikers and 17 walkers--who commuted from as far away as Highland Mills in Orange County. Plenty of Rockland residents also took part.

The event was part of GreenWheels, a commuter program Wyeth introduced to its Pearl River complex in October to assist some 3,200 employees there.

"Coming by bike is so pleasurable," said Bonnaire. He said it sometimes takes him close to two hours to get home, or about 15 minutes less than on his bicycle. (Read more.)
The publicist for this pharmaceutical firm deserves a raise for this favorable ("greenwashing"?) story placement.

Still, in a country where most employers happily provide parking lots for their staff, it's encouraging to see a major firm recognize the PR benefits of promoting alternatives. Of course, with 3K employees at this facility, the 51-person yield needs improvement. Speaking of healthcare and corporate America: I'm looking forward to seeing Sicko.

Image: The Journal News
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