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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Boston Mayor: A bicyclist?!?

Image of Boston Mayor Thomas Menino riding a bicycleFrom the Boston Globe, 08.25.07:

Menino puts new spin on getting around the Hub
Reveals zeal for bike riding

When Mayor Thomas M. Menino discovered the benefits of speed walking, he exhorted everyone in the city to lace up and join him. When he came down with skin cancer, Menino launched a heartfelt crusade for early screening. When he lost weight by cutting down on pasta and other carbohydrates, the mayor once known as Tank began preaching the benefits of the new Menino diet.

Now, the mayor has discovered bicycling.

Menino purchased a silver Trek road bike three weeks ago and has been riding it regularly through his Hyde Park neighborhood. Each weekday at about 5 a.m., the 64-year-old mayor straps on a black cycling helmet and an arm band with red reflector lights and sets off alone on a leisurely, 45-minute pedal. He acknowledges that another public crusade is brewing.

"We're going to do more in our city with bikes," Menino decreed upon his return home from a ride yesterday.(Read more.)
I'm among those who think positive change for bicyclists generally comes from the grass roots, not from politicians. However, it's always easier as an advocate if you have a supportive person in a position of power. My former hometown of Boston--Go Sawx!--is a notoriously hostile environment for bicyclists. Let's hope that may change in the near future.

Image: Boston Globe. Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino.
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Tip of the Red Sox cap to Sasquatch Bob for the tip on this story.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I agree that better change is ground up not politician down, but in this case he would be serving as both. Not just a politician saying "YOU" should bike more, but a rider saying "I" like it and here are reasons everyone should do it. Bully pulpit being put to a good use.