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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Buffalo bicycles across campus

Bike rack at the University of BuffaloFrom the University of Buffalo, 08.29.07:

New Program Boosts Cycling at University at Buffalo
BUFFALO, N.Y.--University at Buffalo cyclists turned a new corner today when the university kicked off "Bicycling at UB," an initiative designed to improve bike riding to, from and across its three campuses.

Bicycling at UB features the university's first bicycle-registration program, the installation of additional, user-friendly bike racks to securely store more than 300 bikes across the campuses and the addition of bike racks to all UB Stampede buses.

It also marks the start of the university's first on-campus bicycle borrowing program as part of a partnership with Buffalo Blue Bicycles (BBB), the city-wide bicycle-lending program.

"Bicycling at UB is a great step toward moving people away from single occupancy vehicles and driving to campus," said James Simon, associate environmental educator of UB Green, a co-sponsor of the program. "The registration program, the bikes on Stampede buses and Buffalo Blue Bicycles will break down a lot of the barriers that people who wanted to bike to campus used to come across." (Read more.)
This is an encouraging press release from a major university, something I wouldn't mind seeing my employer--the University of California, Davis--emulate. Yes, the university in bicycling capitol Davis makes only token efforts to actively encourage bicycle use. At present.

Image: Chico Geno
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Unknown said...

As an alumni of UB (BA '93 MA '95) it is nice to see that UB is finally making some strides to accomodate cyclists. There has always been plenty of walking paths between the buildings. The bus service between the North and City campus was efficient, but there was little if any accomodation for parking a bicycle. My current co-worker finished her MBA at UB a few years back and asked to have a bicycle rack be made available next to the School of Management. The answer from UB administation at that time was: "If you want it... why don't you donate it to the school." The irony is that during the last 15 years the school has continued to update their HVAC and lighting systems to ensure that they are energy efficient and that the school wastes as little energy as possible. The school is also active in posting the real world cost of heating/cooling and lighting up buildings to make everyone aware that this is not an insignificant expense. Energy conservation has been pushed actively, yet alternative transportation was actively ignored. The school also has a large part of the student body that commutes to school. There are vast parking lots that ususually filled to 100% capacity throughout the day. With a student body that is around 30,000, getting just 1% to use a bicycle could free up 300 parking spots. I am glad UB is making progress, it is a great school and I have many good memories from my years spent there. It also has the advantage of being next to some excellent cycling paths that let it connect to nearby communities.