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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

South Carolina: Becoming more bike-friendly

Image of locked bicycle in Charleston, South CarolinaFrom the Free Times (Columbia, SC), 07.31.07:

Wheels in Motion
Columbia Taking Steps to Become Bike-Friendly

"I bike everywhere just about," says Shandon neighborhood resident Natalie Britt, co-chair of the (City Council-appointed bicycling) committee. "We view the bicycle as a way to improve public health." Cycling also betters quality of life, the environment, property values and tourism levels, Britt says.

The best thing Columbia can do to become more bike friendly is make the city’s biking infrastructure more seamless, she says. "When you look at our city there’s huge opportunities for connecting the dots." (Read more.)
An encouraging story from South Carolina's state capital and largest city--which apparently has a modest Critical Mass--featuring several interviews with local cyclists and some detail about efforts to improve bicycling conditions.

Image: Web capture. Locked bike in Charleston, SC.
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