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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Portland: Leaving the car behind

From the Oregonian, 07.14.07:

In the video...learn how Judie Miller and Mary Anne Cassin discovered something in common last spring. Both had taken a stab before at commuting to work on bikes. Both had abandoned the effort. Both leaned on each other to start anew.

Why is where they work important to the commute? The bike culture at Metro permeates the agency, which also provides incredibly secure bike storage and ample locker rooms. The big ticket item though, is the free yearly pass given to employees. Quite often, the bus, with its handy racks in front, is a key part of their bike commute. The gem though, is that the pass allows the women to use the OHSU tram for free. It's not just an uphill climb that can be avoided. They also take it down to avoid a cumbersome tangle of torn up streets in the transition from the West Hills into the south downtown area. (Read more.)
Several things seem hugely enviable about these women. First, they live in bike-friendly Portland, Oregon. Second, they have a bike-supportive employer, which provides lockers, transit passes, storage, and encouragement. And third, they have each other as friends for mutual support. If only more people in the U.S. were so lucky.

Image: Web capture.
Visit: Paul Dorn's Bike Commuting Tips


Anonymous said...

Don't get too happy for Portland. This link is about a driver intentionally running down a cyclist and hitting another on one of Portland's bicycle boulevards.

Anonymous said...

I love to tell folks how I have a lane all to myself - its called the shoulder. The "driving" lanes get filled up with the majority of the road users, leaving the bike lane or shoulder free for me and other cyclists.