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Monday, August 13, 2007

Sting-proof your cycling attire

Image of a hornetFrom, 08.13.07:

The bicycle commute home started off like any other in the 100-degree weather. It was refreshing to be riding on the outdoor trail home but then ... wham! The pain in my leg was worse than getting a tetanus shot.

What the heck? Did I pull a muscle? Did I hit something? Was I hit by a flying rock?

Then I realized that something was crawling farther up my hiking shorts. The path was crowded, and I couldn't just stop and jump out of my shorts. I swatted my rump. Wham! I got hit again. Now I knew that a yellow jacket had flown up my shorts.

I swatted again but felt something crawling farther up my shorts to some vital areas. (Read more.)
This article includes much useful advice on how to avoid getting stung while cycling: wear glasses to protect eyes, wear tight shorts and jersey, carry a first-aid kit with sting ointment. So far--knock wood--I've avoided getting stung. Wouldn't be fun.

Image: Web capture.
Visit: Paul Dorn's Bike Commuting Tips


sasquatch2 said...

ouch! I was stung while mountain biking a few years ago by a swarm of bees that were smaller than flies. never seen 'em so small and their bites were worse than a hornet's. MOMMY!!!!

Jen (SLC) said...

I don't know that tight attire will make all that much difference. I got stung through a tight tank top a few weeks ago while doing yard work. It still hurt like none other and swelled up. My dad has also been stung through a bike jersey.

Just keep your fingers crossed that it won't happen to you. Man, I had forgotten how much wasp stings hurt.y

ohmypolarbear said...

One evening a couple of months ago, a bee got sucked into one of the vents in my helmet... needless to say, it wasn't very happy about the situation!

Yokota Fritz said...

A yellow jacket up the shorts *YEOW*!

I've had bees and stuff fly up my shirt and through helmet vent holes but I've yet to be stung while on bike.

Boz said...

I just bought a UVEX mtb helmet. I fits great, has a quick adjust strap, and a nesh coveing the front vents. It really works, as it's already stopped to bees before they got in.

Matt said...

I hit a bee with the helmet and it landed, dazed, on top of my glass frames. Yikes! I unbuckled the helmet and shook it out (thinking it was in there) and then took off my glasses before it had thought to sting me. That was close! I do carry Sting-Eze with me as my son seems to have a knack of getting stung, but so far I've been lucky.

SiouxGeonz said...

you can get stung *through* tight clothes, but the critter isn't trapped there for repeat expressions of its angst. So far I've been spared, but the thought... OUCH...

Anonymous said...

During the 2002 Ride for the Roses in Austin, I felt an incredible burn on my stomach that I couldn't explain. It was like a burning ember was sitting there on my skin. After a few seconds I pulled over lifted up my jersey and saw a small red spot. I then realized it was some sort of sting or bite.