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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Getting comfortable on a bike

Image of a bicyclist being fitted on a bike
From the Oregonian (Portland), 06.05.08:

Proper fit, warmup keys to preventing cycling aches
To any cyclist who's had aches in the neck, back or hands, there's help: proper fit and warm-up exercises.

About 85 percent of more than 500 recreational cyclists involved in a Department of Kinesiology study at California State University (Northridge) reported one or more injuries from what doctors call "overuse." The most common complaints involved pain in the neck, knees, groin and buttocks, hands and back.

All this suffering from riding a bike?

It might seem like sacrilege to bring up the dark side of cycling here in Portland--the city with the nation's highest percentage of bike commuters--but aches and pains are not exactly new to some of those who ride year-round.

As fair-weather riders return to the bike lanes, and as more folks take to their bikes as the cost of gasoline rises, it's a good time to learn how to bike better and avoid the most frequent injuries.

Before the moaning begins, though, the virtues of cycling:

You save money by commuting on two wheels. You reduce your carbon footprint and help the planet. You burn calories, build cardiovascular strength, improve endurance, tone muscles and increase your overall fitness, reducing your chances of obesity and heart disease. (Read more.)
A very helpful overview of bicycling comfort, including useful stretching and fitting suggestions. I frequently get inquiries regarding bicycling comfort from readers of my Bike Commute Tips site, including the dreaded "sore butt syndrome."

Image: The Oregonian.
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