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Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Haven: Bike commuting catches on

mage of bicylists near Sherman's Alley in New Haven, CT
From WTNH-TV (New Haven), 06.13.08:

Getting to work with pedal power
Biking to work has already become popular among people trying to go green, but with gas prices going sky-high, people are doing it to save some green.

Alienne Morrione of Bridgeport is a modern day multi-tasker. "Now you can get your exercise and your commute and save money and save the environment all in one shot," she said. Morrione, does it all during her daily bike commute between her home in Bridgeport and job in New Haven.

"I use this bag, which can contain a full suit, it has four hangers, it keeps them perfectly pressed. When it's long you put them in," Morrione said while describing her bag. "The sides contain everything you have for your tools for the bike in case I get a flat."

"There's two kinds of green, your wallet and the environment, and both of them are really important," said Morrione. That's why she said she'll take two wheels over four any day. (Read more, includes video.)
Interesting report from New Haven, which celebrated Bike to Work Day on June 13. One commuter shows off her bicycling garment bag, an important accessory for bike commuters who need suits. A spokesperson for a local bike shop says commuting accessories are flying of the store's shelves.

Another commuter uses a folding bike combined with the train: "A few times a week people are like, 'oh that's so cool. You just fold that up,'" she said.

Image: Web capture.
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