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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ohio: Biking gains in small town

From the Mt. Vernon News (Ohio), 05.30.08:

More people commuting on bikes
MOUNT VERNON — David Carter has been pounding the pedals of his bicycle and riding to work to battle rising fuel costs.

He’s not the only one.

Carter, a guidance counselor at the Mount Vernon High School, said he rides because of gas prices but also for the exercise. He said he began riding to work back in the spring of 2006 but he has been doing it more often recently.

“I don’t have a very economical vehicle,” Carter said. “It’s about 15 miles round trip. I save about $3 per trip, one way...It works out nicely,” he said. “It takes about 35 minutes in the morning. Coming back I have to ride uphill, and it takes about 45 minutes.”

Carter said people thinking about riding to work should start out slow and give their bodies a chance to get used to the ride. He added that, after riding for about two years, he doesn’t have to walk his bike up the steep hill anymore. (Read more.)
More evidence that the increased appeal of bicycling isn't simply happening in America's big cities or on the coasts.

Image: Mt. Vernon News. Bicyclist David Carter.
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