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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Madison: Bike Commuter of the Year

From the Isthmus (Madison, WI), 06.06.08:

The Madison Bike Commuter of the Year for 2008 is Terri Felton, who bikes to work between Madison and Waunakee through sun, rain, snow, and wind through all twelve months of the year. (Read more.)
Inspiring video and article, on a woman in Wisconsin who rides year round. Excerpt from her bicycling summary: "Coldest temperature recorded: -6°." Six below!?! She certainly puts this California bike commuter to shame. (I bike everyday, but am often found on the train for a big chunk of the trip in inclement weather...he sheepishly admits.)

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1 comment:

Lance said...

Cool story - wish I could show this type of dedication to biking!