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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Up yours Big Oil, I'll bicycle

Image of customer Alberta Casto at The Bike Shop
From the Eagle-Gazette (Lancaster, OH), 06.18.08:

Bicycle sales rising to offset cost at pump
Business is booming at local bicycle shops as more and more residents are opting to peddle instead of pump. "As soon as gasoline hit $4 per gallon, that was the tipping point," said Mike Chappell, owner of The Bike Shop in Lancaster.

Sales of adult bicycles are up 50 percent to 60 percent compared to this same time in 2007. Repairs also have increased 20 percent to 25 percent. "People are saying, 'Those SOBs (at the oil companies) can suck down their gasoline. I'll ride a bike,' " Chappell said.

The majority of the bicycles sold were commuter bikes such as the Giant Cypress, a lightweight hybrid bicycle designed for use on paved paths and roads. "For commuting, it's a good choice," Chappell said.

The model is so popular it sells out each week. "I can't keep them on the floor. They're sold before they come in," said Chappell, who had just two left in stock Monday afternoon. (Read more.)
A story from Ohio further demonstrating the flight of gas price refugees to bike shops. I couldn't resist that "those SOBs" comment.

Image: Eagle-Gazette. Customer Alberta Casto at The Bike Shop.
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clark said...

lousy editing job, eh... those guys can't even spell PEDAL!

Yokota Fritz said...

Love the title of your post. Reducing demand is way more effective than these silly rotating boycotts people continue to talk about.